Canada Dreams
       Flavus -Yang -advancing -highlight -luster
        Intellectual Chaukra, Manipura, Lumbar, Solar Plexus, bright knowledge, joy, carbon,
        flights of fancy, change, spontaneity.
        I will, autonomy, increases memory, mental strength, detachment,
        association of different experiences, pleasure.
        Ruled by Mercury. MI third musical note. Key of E. Inner sound of astral harp.
            Oedipal stage, identification with tribe ceases as individual will grows.
            Very inflated in purest form.
            Issues: castration fears and umbilical cord fears and fear of responsibility/alienation.
        Spectral Yellow: Cadmium yellow pale & a hint of cadmium orange
        Triangle Form radiating thought (Itten)
                Earthy colour, violent raving lunacy, moves toward the spectator, expands.
                   East rising sun. Eagle which can fly to sun. Illumination.
               Feng Shui:
                  Power, tolerance, patience, health and wisdom
                Healing Ray
                        Dilates, promotes body heat, alkaline, non-electric, magnetic.
                        Second brain of nervous system, laxative.
                        Stimulates pancreas, adrenals, lymphatic & intestines. Nerve builder.
                        Heals liver & skin.
                        Dyspepsia, diabetes, haemorrhoids, sexual diseases, flatulence, & constipation
                        rids body of parasites.
                        Can get rid of melancholia & despondency.
                        Spleen golden yellow ruled by Sun.
                        Thymus light golden yellow ruled by Venus.
                        Pituitary light yellow ruled by Uranus.
                           Laxative, eliminates phlegm, strengthens bones, cerebral stimulant,
                           activates thymus, antacid.
                                Inflammation, fever, over-excitement, & heart palpitation.
                                Can stimulate bile & bring on diarrhoea.
        Yellow : Black or Indigo
                Difficulties in reality testing in subject's abilities.
        Yellow : Violet
                Bright knowledge : dark, emotional piety

Other colours Autre couleurs

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