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As an established teacher, dancer and independent choreographer of 20 years, Susan has an extensive background in music as well as dance. This includes an A.R.C.T. degree in Piano Performance. Serious study of dance began with teachers Bianca Rogge, Boris Volkoff and Patricia Beatty in Toronto.
After acquiring a scholarship she attended the London Contemporary Dance Theatre in London, England and studied with Jane Dudley and Robert Cohan. During her stay she choreographed dances which were performed at the Newcastle Dance Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, in Scotland. Ventures to Europe provided the unique opportunity of working with Leonid Massine in Galli, Italy.
Upon her return to Canada she toured and performed with the Toronto Dance Theatre and also became one of the founding members of 15 Dance Lab, the brain child of Lawrence and Miriam Adams. Her contributions to the independent dance impetus in Toronto have been significant. In collaboration with Kathryn Brown, in 1984, Susan managed Pavlychenko Studio which became an active centre for independent dance performance and production. As the school co-ordinator she established a reputation for a high standard of modern dance training and implemented an innovative, unique independent dance performance series. Our efforts contributed to the acquisition of grants from O.A.C., for many independent dancers.
In 1985 Susan performed with the Glass Orchestra in the Berlin Music Festival and conducted dance workshops at Tanz Tangente. Her performance in the work of many prominent Toronto choreographers includes Peter Randazzo, Gall Benn, Terrill Maguire, Susan Cash, Claudia Moore, Bill James, Holly Small and Gabby Kamino.
Susan's most recent choreography was performed in New York in collaboration with Gabby Kamino and Karen Berlin and is a program of her origination. Currently she teaches and is co-ordinator of the modern dance department at the Etobicoke School of the Arts. She has held this position for the past eleven years.
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