Canada Dreams
This library is a way for artists to share information about art. The Library may include information on the making of art, the history of art, the safe use of materials, and the emotional process of making art. Artists are encouraged to submit text in ASCII format for inclusion.

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New Book "29 Lives"

Colour Compendium

GreenCare Household hints

Annotated Bibliography

American Women Artists

Art and Therapy

Ways of Seeing

Courage to Create

Da Vinci's advice to Artists

Falling for a Dolphin

Women in Egyptian Art

Artemisia Gentileschi

Mandela: Path of Beauty

Nude Painting

The Success and Failure of Picasso

Reagan's America

Spiritual in Art


Water and Sexuality

Art and Emotion

Johannaes Itten

Art of the Holocaust

Mountain Dreamer Speaks

Warren Almand's open letter re.Leonard Peltier

Recommended Reading a bib

Eclectic Answer to the Paradox of Life or lep.lha58K

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