Canada Dreams
Welcome to the Salon. This is the place to savour samples of some of Canada's most promising young poets. Being Canadian is nice, but not a hard and fast prerequisite. If you dream of being a Canadian then you are welcome too. You may submit your work by e-mail in ASCII or HTML [email protected]
Other projects and lack of funding have held up the posting process. If you can place your bio in this form and your poetry in this and e-mail it to me this will help speed things up. This also gives you some more control over the format. Also I do not have time to check spelling.
I do not judge poetry, all poetry is valid!. There are poems here from young children taking there first steps and seasoned professionals. You must submit three poems and a bio. If you translate the bio into French then you can send three more poems. There are also very short stories and a one act play.
If you only have one poem place it in the Reflecting Pond
Sept 24th
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John Paul Copeland

Lucy Sanford

Brendan Wood

Alan Reed

Lela Hicks

Jim Wark

Bhawna Gola


Thomas HARRY Wood

M.C. Poirier

Ashley Bretecher

Gou Noborio

Daniela Violin

Raj-Beer Parmar

Oneal Walters

Chelsea Nadeau

Michael Barrett

Sheila Simmons

June Masuda

Greg Berra

Amy Pauline Fisher

Lisa Eaton

Mickey Acorn

Elizabeth Coulton

Brad Kovatch

Benjamin Tippet

Heidi Buckholts

Andrea Venantius

Chris Shreenan-Dyck

Daniel Berube

Tammy Pelrine

Paul Corman

Jennilee Murray

Sarah Petty

Scott Johnson

Kevin Allison

Rick Brison

Tracey Slack

Helene Mann

Danuka Amirthalingam

Amanda Murray

Justin Patrick

Stephen Tomasi

Ron Baron

Andrew Deman

David Sutherland

Alma Norman

Mangold Keltz

Mark Brennan

Dave Alexander

Hector Santiago Lopez Arestegui

Suzanne Fortin

Henri Kopke

Bob Wakulich

John F. Freudeman

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