Canada Dreams
For years I thought less of Canada because it seemed to be a country that waited for others to make decisions. Canadian artists traveled south to the United States to be discovered or remained in Canada waiting for government funded bureaucrats to find the Canadian identity. There is a phenomenon in Canada of second and third generation people who continue to speak with a British accent. This accent is still strong even if every other member of the household including the parents speaks Kanadian. This looking outside Canada for self value, bothered me until I realized that this is what has made this a great country. We are the welcomers, the open vessel that can accommodate without losing ourselves. When Canadians seem hesitant, wishy-washy, apologetic, or pleasing, I believe they are wondering what the whole community (collective unconsciousness) wants and needs. Perhaps it is this selflessness that will save the planet as we search to calm the striving factions in the border skirmishes around the globe. Perhaps if the globe can open its arms in this same Canadian way we will have peace in our sight.
Yes, Canada does have bigots and pollution, but we are very apologetic about it. We have the threat of Québéc separation, but we elect French speaking politicians. We have made many tragic mistakes in the past with our Native communities, but we continue to reach for a solution. This Canadian strength of trying to find a solution can be very frustrating for the parties waiting for that answer, but we are still there talking. It is my wish that as the American influence heads north we will not lose our cool heads.

Another Canadian Apology

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