Canada Dreams
Before discovering that the Creative Process is a tool for self growth Leah had a background in psychology, play therapy, and dance. She studied at the Ontario College of Art while raising her son and received the Friends of O.C.A. and Mercedes Awards for Design. Although her major focus was the Glass Studio she found that she enjoyed bringing different materials into play. She has amalgamated different medium, and created unique jewelry as a result. She has also created enameled costumes and sculpture as well as fabricated glass panels in her own inimitable style.
She has an interest in modern and ancient symbols and their ability to establish a direct link to the well of subconscious material. She believes that they can be a positive generative force to direct change in human consciousness. To quote Leah, "Hand in hand with the creative process and its breadth for active problem solving, the making of art can become a powerful venue for developing personal meaning and direction."
In this context, she has developed her own rich teaching concepts. She will schedule Jewelry Workshops in her studio for adults who want to discover their own personal talisman images. As well, Leah offers summer art programs for children. She has found great results and inner satisfaction using her methods in the schools while working with children. She uses themes that develop a child's personal sense of place within their culture and time. She then follows this with a sculpture project that puts the experience into perspective.

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