Canada Dreams

David C. L. Cheung invites you to share in an experience of celebration. Add your doodles to those of other Canadians who will be giving their art as well as their hearts to Canada Day July 1 1998. Write the Canadian Anthem on the provided form in red ink, crayon, or magic marker to produce a personalized flag. Your flag will stand glorious and free with other Canadian's work on our special day.
Join school children and the young at heart. You may find something you lost or something you never knew you had.

Click and Print

Click here for a copy of our Anthem in English and Français
Click here for a blank flag
Keep your work to display where you like
or mail to David for display on Canada Day.
The Red Head Gallery, 8th Floor,
96 Spadina Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario,
Attention: David C. L. Cheung

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