Canada Dreams
I remember growing up in the sixties in Toronto. I had moved there from the small town of Trenton. It was a new and strange world for me. Trenton had had its own sense of adventure and mystery, but Toronto was another story, a new perspective. The strangest place in Toronto was the Old Village as it was to be known after being replaced by the Village of the hippies. This was a place of antique stores, book stores, and art galleries.
One of the first reports I saw in the newspapers was of daisies being painted on the streets of the Village. This is where I first saw the name of the wild man Jack Pollock. This is the man who discovered Norval Morrisseau. He also brought to prominence Robert Bateman, Ken Danby, Paul Fournier, and Ron Martin.
I met Jack in Toronto in 1979 while taking a course with the Skills Exchange. Part of the course was to join Jack in his studio while he produced a work. This piece is the work, PreCambrian Relic which he produced during that session.

PreCambrian Relic

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