Canada Dreams

David Alexander or Shalmeerhee is a graduate of both the Ontario College of Art and the University of Toronto. He was born in Windsor Ontario. For several years he was a participating artist-fellow of the Patmos Workshop and Gallery and later the Alpha Gallery, exhibiting throughout southern Ontario. He is now a member of Gallery 121 in Belleville.
Extensive world travel has taken him to many interesting locations around the globe. His hand-painted cards have been presented to Pope John-Paul II and religious leaders of both the Jewish and Muslim faiths in Jerusalem. In 1982 the construction of an aesthetically based language called Yan'kahba. This led him to invent his name Shalmeerhee (love-light) and a lexicon of written words. He is an art teacher residing in Stirling, Ontario, and paints in egg tempera, encaustic, oil, and acrylic.
River of Traffic Text Through the Glade Text Woodland Cataract Text Swamp Magic Text
Rocky Outcropping Text Approaching Storm Text The Harold Quarry Text Along March Road Text
Hillside Near Keene Text Sun-Streaked Drumlins Text
The First Circle Text Amberg Text
Specimens From A Four-Cornered Planet Text Storm Window Text
Amber Guardian Text Palaver Text Mates Text Bridges Text

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