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Jennifer, born in Québéc, grew up in Italy, Spain, and Morocco. There she was deeply influenced by the murals and trompe l'oeil which are a part of everyday life. While at Art School in London she dedicated herself to acquiring the realistic painting skills of past and present masters. Together with a course in specialized wall finishes at a school in San Francisco, she has been able, for the past 20 years to successfully produce some of the most challenging requests from her clients. Because of the highly personalized nature of these works, prices can vary considerably with each job. Nevertheless, here is a general outline of prices. A more precise estimate may be obtained by contacting [email protected]

Expressions of the heart Jennifer has been living for the past ten years in Guatemala and has found the time within her busy schedule as a trompe l'oeil artist, and restorationalist to give us a clear picture of the world she lives in. No trick of the eye here, she sees the people she loves. This is not a polite picture it is the home truths captured behind the facade.

Trompe l'oeil is an art which gives one access to a world of painted illusions. This can be successfully applied in office buildings, lobbies, hotels, homes and condominiums. The magical art of playing with perspective, creates a three dimensional world on a flat surface. Decorate a wall, a floor, or a piece of furniture with a bouquet of flowers, painted marble or the fragile texture of parchment. In the renaissance it opened the Sistine chapel to heaven and uplifted the hearts and inspiration of men and women for centuries. Just as Da Vinci and Mantegna painted the grand houses of Europe, so will Jennifer Bigman travel to your city or country. Working with your ideas for your home or business, she will create with paint portals into new and old worlds. Your dreams, warm memories, and desires will become an illusory reality just within your grasp.

In the business realm you can lift the spirit of your employees to new levels of excellence. In advertising you can invite the public to better visualize the scope of your imagination and your products. In the hospitality industry, what better way to welcome your guests than with an open door? City planners may truly present the keys to the city to all their guests. Jennifer's painted carpets will give them that red carpet treatment.

The Inner Garden

The Yellow Hills 18"x24" The Storm 24"x30" The Green Hills 18"x36"
Orange Flower 18x24 SunFlower 24x30 Pink Flower 18x36
Mountain Breeze 18x24 Secret Spot Pony 18x36
The Yellow Tree 24x30 Coffee Flowers 18x36 The Belladonna Tree 18x24
The Dark Place 12x24 Blue Purple 18x24 The Gate 12x16

Expressions of the heart

The Invisibles Text Pica Papa Text Angelica Text
The Visit Text SeascapeI Text SeascapeII Text
Past Grandeur Text The Kid Text 5:30 am Text
A Young Man Text La Casa de Loreto Text The Coconut Text

My Father is a Drunk Text The Laundry Lady Text

Trompe l'oeil
Roll out the Carpet Text The Toast of the Town Text
Lost Key Text
The Sky's the Limit Text
Added Touch Text Distant Memories Text

Bank Restoration, An English Garden, Cloud Nine, Copies of Masters, Across the Pond, Bathroom Excessories, Wheel of Fortune, Added Details, No Job too Small, Illusion, A Pastral Scene, and Bouquets

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