Canada Dreams
Kent was born in the Ontario town of Port Colborne. Living in Humberstone Township on the then outskirts of town he spent his childhood daydreaming, watching clouds, exploring nearby ponds, woods, and local stone quarries.
Drawing was a favourite activity. Sometimes to the dismay of his parents, such as the time he shared his favourite work on the bedroom wall in crayon.
Art was his strongest and most satisfying subject through his school years. In 1985 he graduated from Mohawk College's Graphic Arts Program and went to work as a graphic artist in Toronto. Nature drew him to Tweed in 1988 where he continued as a freelance artist. Life then took a sharp turn as his heart propelled him into a career in Adult Care as a counselor.
In 1994 taking his cue from Joseph Campbell he began to follow his bliss into the realm of art again. This time his work took a more personal direction giving greater perspective on his present and his past. He says, "It became an exciting journey and expanded my world in more ways than I could ever have imagined." It has lead him to explore the artistic process in both Hawaii and Europe. What started as an introspection has now lead to a more expressive form of art. Of course this voyage of discovery has many plateaus as he climbs down into the valley of self-discovery time and time again. His newest works show this year's self exploration and a deeper command of the expressive forms. He says of this experience, "I'm observing where I am and try to share my perceptions and feelings, but often I am at a loss for words, so I paint."

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