Canada Dreams

Deeper and further back in our lives are our ancestors. When I began my searching, I thought only in terms of the recent past. I found while searching that there was more to the Native philosophy than just a quaint theory. The Native North Americans speak of the present action reaching seven generations into the future. Those actions seven generations back reach up to now too. I started out by just thrashing around blindly. Using Bowen System Theory, I questioned my parents and weighed my own intuitions, and it became clear to me that my ancestors played a crucial part in my life-decisions of the present. These images are presented because they may match a familiar memory in your life. They underscore the fact that we, in the present, need to think ahead to create a world that will be clean and vibrant for our children and great grandchildren.
Entrance to John's works, The Bull Dream, The Messengers, Inner Work, Primitive Truth, and Current


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The Ancestors

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