Canada Dreams
John has been working as an artist most of his life. He won his first contest when seven years of age. That first recognized portrait was of Samuel Champlain for a shoulder flash for the Boy Scouts. Selftaught he continues to experiment with new artistic technologies while holding on to his first love, chalk pastel.
His work with dreams is an attempt to encourage the dream world to communicate further and provides a common universal bond.
Besides the general theme of dreams you will also find a multicultural aspect to his work. He finds the true meaning of identity in the eyes of people who live close to the fundamental values of life.
During his work as a therapist he met many people who had been sexually abused as children, and decided to use his studies at Vermont College to search his own past through art. These studies turned to the self portrait as a universal subject ie. every painting is a self portrait. During the course of this study John opened the door to oil painting. His connection to his community now comprising two countries and the many countries represented at Vermont College lead him to explore the Iroquois nation which also straddles two national borders. Men's issues and Women's voices also perplexed him as he dealt with his father's death and the gathering of information on his family's history. At least one if not many of the subjects of John's works will touch a place for you in your own life. It is his hope that something in these images will connect with your own personal Mosaic.
John still lives in the cabin he built thirty years ago in the forest of Eastern Ontario. He, his wife, daughter, and son continue to embrace the modern technologies while listening to the natural environment that surrounds them.

The Guardians

My Ally Text

My Enemy My Friend Text Earth Mother Text Eagle Eye Text

Inner Realm and deeper still The Ancestors

Current Work

More Current Work

The Messengers, The Bull Dream, and Primitive Truth

The Gardens

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