Canada Dreams
The dream of the Bull began with me walking through the back of my fifty acres in Spring. In the dream the trees were just getting that lime green canopy that would soon turn dark green and full shade. The Ox was on my left and was so soft and warm to lean against. On my right were my dog Shag Rug, and a Fox my personal totem. Out in front was a little Squirrel with leaves instead of fur. He was flitting around all over the place. It felt so comforting to walk with them. Towards the end of the dream I realized that I had paid $10,000 for the Ox and that I should put it to work. I spent the rest of the dream skidding logs out of the bush with the beast.
Talk about Jungian dreams. There is enough to keep Freud busy too. At first I thought that the Ox was masculine and the Squirrel was feminine. As I studied the dream I realized that the Ox was feminine and the Squirrel the male discoverer. I found that the Ox is the unconscious feminine side of me. The part I use to make art. It was then that I started to sell my art. I still get a rush when I think about that dream. I have revisited it many times. Some times it is a Moose or a Deer or a Bull. Some times it is angry, sometimes comforting, and sometimes tragic; but it always has something to offer.

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The Ox / Cow / Bull

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