Canada Dreams
Scratching the surface or diving into the reflecting pond is a dizzying experience that can only be justified in hindsight. I know that this inner work and searching helped me to understand my father, the people in my life, as well as myself. The years of self-absorption were painful as well as pedantic, and boring, but in the end I did find the answers. I offer the images of the answers here because I have found that some of them are universal and may fit some of your questions. Every portrait is a self-portrait as far as I am concerned. My wife and I are already starting to look alike. In a portrait I see so many levels. The portrait may start as an ancient warrior, but I will face my father or mother or myself for all the hours in front of the paper. The true image emerges as the self possessing of the many selves that have crossed my mind as I daydreamed while making my art.

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My Self
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